Beyond the basic five senses..

It was all usual until, one fine day I realised and felt the existence of many other senses beyond just basic five senses. We have been conditioned to believe that we as humans have five basic senses, the touch, sight, smell, taste and hear.

Well there are more to discover like intuition, creativity ,loss, psychic, will power, love grief and many more. We do go through all of these and experience them, but we rarely except or acknowledge them. The question is why ?

We as humans have been conditioned since time immemorial to a certain limited knowledge. Our brains capability is extremely vast and diverse. With the limited knowledge and belief system, we hardly use the potential of our brain to the fullest. Einstein used 5% of his brains potential and became a genius into the field of science, where as a basic human just uses 3% of its brains potential. I often wonder what if we could use the full potential of our brain. Bam.. We would definitely be the new age gods and goddesses.

It keeps me baffled, what if majority of us begin to tap the full potential of our brain. Needless to say, we all would be self sufficient. We could heal our selves of any illness or ailment, which would certainly bring the downfall of health and pharmaceutical industry. The same way if we would sync our consciousness with the universal consciousness, we would need no law and no teacher to teach us the basic principles of being a better human, leading to the downfall of Government and Education system. The world would certainly change into a much better planet to live on to. The system in which we all grew up is limited by religion , politics, and Education system. It’s surely a conspiracy to stop mankind from evolving further with the help of the above mentioned systems. 

The materialistic greed and the craving for control has lead to the rise of such controlling systems around. A millennia before there was no such system on our planet. Each individual back then was highly evolved and self sufficient. They knew there purpose and duty.The world was much peaceful and harmonious back then.The people then had a much higher level of consciousness in comparison to this time. We humans were a very spiritual being, but with time we have dropped below in our consciousness level. . . If we don’t awaken and raise our consciousness level, we would be extinct soon. We all were made for a profound purpose that is the universal cosmic harmony.

In this materialistic era we have drifted away from being spiritual, leading us to be the lowest consciousness being on this planet. We should start evolving ourselves before the end times.

‘Reality has changed for the person who experiences an Awakening. In short, a spiritual Awakening is allowing yourself to be open and inviting the feeling of universal oneness to enter your heart. It is the Moment when the universe  awakens your soul to a new awareness, a new perception of the world around you.’



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