Saw it dying in front of my eyes – fashion! Venue- Amazon India Fashion Week SS2017

I have witnessed the best fashion weeks from Paris to Berlin. The best part was they showcased the best of creative fashion into the fashion stream globally. I travelled across globe with an intent to witness such runway weeks in coming times and luckily I stumbled across one of India’s great fashion weeks held in new delhi Amazon India Fashion Week ss2017. My heart was throbbing as I was collecting the invites at the entry level. I was happy to get the invites for a couple of shows showcased by the couple of ace designers. 

I made the dramatic entry with my creation of recycle fashion ensemble. A couple of sensible people did come up to me with curiosity and appreciated my design prodigy. I really felt I was home amongst the sensible creative minds around.

Well the funniest part was I could see a lot of self proclaimed fashion bloggers busy getting them selves the most candid selfies ! Till that time I had no idea what I was about to witness next. 

Looking around caught a glimpse of a few bloggers styled in there so called street style. Funniest part was there ensemble included mostly junk from thrift store markets like Sarojini Nagar market and Laj Path Nagar market.

The saddest part was to witness those lost minded bloggers talking and bragging about there vision about International Street Style, and how inspired they were with it . 

Lemme brief my readers with the term and meaning of Street Style Fashion.

Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers.

What I witnessed was next to the death of fashion in india. 

Venue and event courtesy – Amazon India Fashion Week, NSCI grounds, New Delhi.

To be continued…



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